BildaVOID FilaVOID has an internal expanded paper honeycomb core with face sheets glued top and bottom. FilaVOID is manufactured from 400um box board and readily takes up moisture to facilitate decomposition.

Technical Specifications – Download PDF

Benefits of BildaVOID FilaVOID

  • Load bearing capacity – 3 tonne/M2
  • Panel can be easily cut with a hand saw on site to facilitate installation.
  • Can be stacked to achieve greater void depth.
  • Can be used to displace concrete where weight and costs are a consideration.
  • FilaVOID can be factory cut in line to save time and labour on site.
  • FilaVOID can be supplied factory wrapped in heavy duty 100um plastic for use on wet sites or inclement weather (bags must be pierced prior to pouring concrete)
  • Custom voids available upon request