BildaVOID Concrete Void Forming Systems is Australia's only company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of concrete void forming products, commonly known as "void forms", "sacrificial void form" "lost formwork" or "sacrificial self collapsing formwork".

This range of products creates a space between concrete structures and expansive soils, thereby isolating the structure from;

  • reactive soil
  • ground movement
  • mine subsidence
  • noise or vibration affected sites.
Typical Application of BildaVOID's Concrete Void Forming System's


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BildaVOID has successfully created an excellent reputation as a high quality supplier of concrete void form products, with a thorough understanding of the construction industry and the ability of being able to offer assistance from our in-house technical expert.

We believe our commitment and dedication to providing a superior product and excellent customer service has enabled us to become the leading manufacturer and distributor of concrete void form products in Australasia.

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BildaVOID holds patents within Australia and New Zealand